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Hello Friends,

Welcome to

I am Sonu a software engineer by profession is an admin for this site. The idea is to educate the readers to gain knowledge in different areas.

I have started my blogging career 4 months ago. My only motive is how to provide readers better content through my blog so that they will get benefited.

Why Blogging:

I am always interested in reading kind of books which has social values or good informative book through which any person can improve his lifestyle. When I take these ideas from different sources then I feel like sharing with others so that all readers should also gain knowledge. Definitely blogging is the best platform where I can find more and needier people and connect with them.


I am a software engineer with the profession and have been working in the IT industry for the last 8 years. My IT career has never been good. At the beginning of my career, when I wanted to do something, and when I had a lot of desire to learn, at that time I did not get the desired work. Since then, I am just passing time because I did not have an option. But now I want to make blogging as my career and is waiting for the day when I will leave my IT job altogether and will do everything for my own sake.


In the end, I would like to request all my readers that to make my blogs better I need your involvement. Please do comment when you read my blog.