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Akbar & Birbal Stories:Marriage Of The Sea


    Stories for Kids

    Stories for Kids


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    STORIES FOR KIDS: Once, Emperor Akbar became angry with Birbal for some reason. He asked Birbal to leave his court. Birbal to leave his court, Birbal went away quietly.

    However, quite soon Akbar began to miss his favorite courtier. He sent a search party looking for Birbal. But no one could find him.

    Akbar knew Birbal well. He knew that Birbal could not resist challenges. Thus, he decided to announce a puzzle, which only Birbal could solve. He sent his messengers all over with a proposal for the neighboring kings.

    The proposal said, ‘Emperor Akbar desires to get these of his kingdom married. So he wants all the kings to send the rivers of their kingdoms to him. He would choose the best match for his sea among them!’

    No one sent a reply for some time. Then a reply from one of the neighboring kings came. It stated, ‘We can send our rivers to you. But we want the wells of your kingdom to receive them halfway’.

    Akbar understood that only Birbal could give such a clever reply. He sent his men to the kingdom from where the message came. Thus, Birbal was called back, and quite soon, he was with Akbar again.

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