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Omega 3 Fatty Acid Benefits | All You Need To Know About It

    omega 3

    What Is Omega 3

    Omega 3 fatty acid is a family of fat which is essential nutrients for the body. Your body doesn’t produce omega 3 of its own. It has to be filled by an external source like food & additional supplements. Omega 3 fatty acid has a very powerful benefit for your brain and health.

    Type Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    ALA:alpha-linolenic acid
    EPA: eicosapentaenoic acid
    DHA: docosahexaenoic acid

    ALA Omega 3 is the best source for vegetarian people. This is found mainly in flax seeds, chia seeds & green vegetables..etc.

    EPA & DHA omega 3 is the best source for people who prefer non-veg in their diet. This is found mainly in fish like salmon, tuna or fish oil.

    Your body has the capability to convert ALA into EPA & DHA but in very small amount.

    Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    Helps in Fight With Heart Disease

    omega 3

    -> Omega 3 reduces LDL cholesterol which is said to be bad cholesterol for the body.
    -> If you have high blood pressure then it will help in reducing your blood pressure level.
    -> Omega 3 can reduce blood clotting, heart stroke.
    -> Omega 3 lowers triglyceride, a blood fat which can promote heart disease.

    It Can Improve Memory

    omega 3

    Your brain contains more than 100 billion neurons. Omega 3 fatty acid plays a very crucial role in regulating these neuron cells. If you suffer from mild memory loss then EPA & DHA content of omega 3 can improve your memory by maintaining the fluidity of cell membrane. It is also advised that pregnant women must take of omega 3 content for her body. Because omega 3 will help to improve her child’s brain.

    Can Helps in Fight Depression & Anxiety

    omega 3

    Depression or anxiety both are almost similar. Occurs due to overreaction, worrying or sadness in any situation. Studies suggest that omega 3 can be helpful in the fight with depression by maintaining the need of EPA & DHA at the brain.

    Helps In Developing Muscle & Improve Bone Joint

    omega 3

    EPA & DHA content helps in muscle growth by burning body fat.EPA & DHA content you can get directly from fish oil. It can improve your bone strength by increasing the calcium amount in bones.

    It Can Improve Skin Condition

    omega 3

    EPA omega-3 fatty acid is found to be very helpful for your skin. It will supply hydration to your skin. It also helps in regulating oil of skin which prevents acne.

    Omega 3 Fatty Acid Foods

    Vegetarian: Flaxseed, Chia seed, Walnut, Soyabean..etc

    omega 3

    Supplements: Fish oil, Cod liver oil..etc

    Cod Liver Oil: EPA+DHa contain less the fish oil, but also contains vitamin A & D.

    Fish oil: It extracted from fish, but doesn’t contain vitamin A & D.
    here EPA+DHA you will get in good amount.

    omega 3

    omega 3

    Omega 3 Supplement

    How Much Omega 3 Need Daily

    Omega 3’s daily intake can vary from person to person based on health condition. Different health organizations have their own opinions for taking omega 3.However many of them have suggested a minimum amount which needs to be taken:

    Normal person: EPA/DHA=300-500 mg

    A person who is regularly doing gym: EPA/DHA=1000mg

    if someone is suffering from other health issues like depression, heart or any other then the amount can be increased from the normal person.

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