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Amazon Prime Free Membership | Get Huge Discount In Amazon Prime Day 2022 |12th & 13th July

    Amazon prime

    Free Amazon Prime Membership &

    Shop on Amazon Prime Day 2022


    By now you must have come to know the news that the Amazon Prime Day sale is going to start on the 12th of July. Amazon has reserved the first 2 days for its Prime customers. Now to become a Prime customer, some payment has to be made, so not everyone is a Prime customer. I will tell you some such ways by which you will not need to spend any money and you can also take advantage of prime customers.

    The Prime Day sale will run for two days on July 12 and July 13. As you know, there are many such products, in which you will get a very good discount. You are no longer a prime customer, that’s why you cannot take advantage of it until you become a prime customer.

    Most people do not take a Prime subscription, because they do not need the advantages of Amazon Prime, such as games, movies, or other videos that are not of their interest. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to Amazon Prime just for Prime Day. But if you want to take advantage of these 2 Prime Days, then you can take advantage of them, without spending any money.

    Different Methods To Get Free Amazon Prime membership

    Subscribe To Amazon Prime For a Free Trial Valid For a Month

    This method is the easiest. Amazon gives its new customers a free trial for 30 days. This makes it easy for the users to decide whether the benefits of an Amazon Prime subscription are helpful for them or not? That’s why if you want to be a part of the Amazon Prime Day sale, then you can subscribe for a free trial. 30 days will be completely enough for you. After availing of the benefits of the Amazon Prime Day sale, it is up to you whether you want to continue with the Prime membership or not. You can end your subscription, and Amazon will not charge you anything for this.

    Amazon Prime

    Free Subscription To Amazon Prime For The Second Month

    If you want to take the benefit of Amazon Prime for a few more days, that too without spending, then it is also possible. Although this method is a bit more difficult than the first one, you can do it too. You will need to create a completely new account. You will have to fill in some details very carefully and make sure that the details of your previous account do not match. Such as phone, address, card details, name, and most important IP address for which you can use the VPN.

    Amazon Prime Membership Special Offer For Students With 6 Months Trial

    Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Amazon Prime subscription free trial period for students is 6 months. And if you want to continue the subscription, Amazon charges students only half the money, about $69.

    Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Membership Sharing

    Prime members can share certain benefits with another adult in their Amazon Household. Amazon allows Prime members to share some benefits of their Prime membership with their dear ones. That is why if someone you know has taken Prime membership, then you can ask them to share it with you.



    So dear friends don’t get upset if you are not a prime member and want to take advantage of the prime day sale. Just sign up for the free trial and order the product which you have planned for in Amazon prime day sale.

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