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Best Short Stories For Kids:Oushadhakumara


    STORIES FOR KIDS: Oushadhakumara was a great sage. He became famous for his wisdom when he was still very young.

    Once, two women, both claiming to be the mother of the same child, came to him for arbitration.

    This child is mine.

    No, he is mine. She stole him from me.

    Oushadhakumara drew a line on the ground and placed the child on it. Now stand on either side of the line and take hold of the child. The one who can pull the child over the line to her side can keep it.

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    The women began to pull.

    And the infant, unable to bear the pain, began to cry.


    Then one of the women immediately let go her grip on the child…

    And began to weep.

    The child is mine!

    Not so! The child is hers. Give it to her.

    What do you mean? Didn’t pull it over the line? I’ve won. The child belongs to me.

    No. the child belongs to her. She let go her hold on the child because she could not bear to see it suffering.

    But you had no mercy. How could you be the mother of the child?

    All the people were amazed at Oushadhakumara’s wisdom and his fame spread far and wide.

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