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Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin A Benefits

    vitamin A benefits

    Vitamin A Benefits

    Vitamin A is fat-soluble vitamins, which is very crucial for your body. The scientific name of Vitamin A is retinol. It plays an important role in keeping the eye, skin, bones and other body cells healthy. Vitamin A is a very good antioxidant. Due to the abundance of antioxidant containing vitamin A in the diet, age does not appear to be high. Since its deficiency leads to wrinkles in your skin & also many other problems. If you know vitamin A benefits, then you will never ignore it. You can take it with food or as a supplement.

    Some Symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency

    Dryness in the eyes

    dry skin

    frequent colds

    night blindness



    rustic hair


    see: Vitamin D

    Vitamin A Benefits:

    Protect Your Eye From Age-Related Decline

    vitamin A benefits

    It improves the eyesight of your eyes and their muscles. It keeps the retina of your eyes healthy with its intake. Anyone can see anything because of the retina of the eyes. The work of retina is to send the signal to our brain so that the brain recognizes that object. That is why we can able to see any object. With age, many people face a problem of being less visible, or their eyesight becomes poor. Vitamin A is very good for reducing the problem of such Obscenity. According to research, people who consume vitamin A in the right amount, their eyesight problem becomes very low. It also protects your eye from night blindness.

    Improves Immune System

    vitamin A benefits

    Vitamin A plays a very important role in improving the immune system of your body. The immune system protects our body from external bacteria. It is very helpful in the production and operation of the white blood cell of your body. This white blood cell clears your bloodstream bacteria or pathogens inside the body. That’s why vitamin A protect you from infection, especially for people or children who have measles or malaria. Due to its deficiency, children may have diarrhea also.

    Helps In Prevents Cancer

    vitamin A benefits

    The main cause of cancer is when the dead cells in your body begin to grow. Vitamin A inhibits the formation of dead cells in the body and protects against cancer in many forms. Cancer of the lungs, breast, uterus, blood, and skin can be suppressed by retinoic acid. In many types of research, it has been found that if vitamin A is consumed in correct quantity in form of beta-carotene, then the chance of cancer is very low. The biggest advantage of this is that when you eat vitamin A from the plant food.

    Keep Bone Healthy

    vitamin A benefits

    By now you must be knowing that there is a great need for Calcium and Vitamin D for good bone. But vitamin A also plays a very important role for your bones. If it is low, the fracture may occur in your bones over time. Keep in mind that nothing more than the recommended amount should be consumed. If you take the amount of vitamin A more than you need, it will affect your bones and could lead to fracture. That is why take as much quantity as you are recommended for.

    Keep Your Skin Healthy

    vitamin A benefits

    Vitamin A is very beneficial for your skin. It helps in making skin cells internally as well as externally, and helps fight skin cancer. Due to its deficiency, the color of the skin also fades. It is also found in research that the lack of vitamin A causes acne in your skin. It produces more collagen and protects the skin from wrinkles and keeps you young. If the amount of vitamin A is correct in your body then wrinkles in your skin will not come soon.

    Helps In Reproduction

    vitamin A benefits

    Vitamin A is very important for your whole body. It keeps the male or female’s Reproductive system healthy. Especially If a woman is pregnant then she needs vitamin A. It is very important for the development of the unborn child. It will help in the development of eye, bone, heart.etc of the unborn child. But keep in mind that before you consume vitamin A, you should know this very well that, how much of it you have to consume ? Consult the doctor if  needed. Vitamin A is also very helpful in reducing infertility problem.


    Vitamin A Source

    vitamin A benefits

    It is found in two primary forms, known as active vitamins and beta vitamins. Active vitamins are found in animal flesh, liver and dairy products called retinol. Other types of vitamin A are found in vegetables and fruits, which are known by the name of carotenoid.

    Some vitamin A foods are eggs, milk, liver, carrots, orange vegetables such as squash, spinach, sweet potato, papaya, curd, soybean, and other leafy green vegetables. It also comes in supplement form.


    Daily Intake Recommendation

    Adult men greater than 14 yrs: 900 micro grams/day

    Adult Women greater than 14 yrs: 700 micro grams/day

    Children’s amount can vary from 300 mcg to 600 mcg.

    1-3 yrs: 300 mcg/day

    4-8 yrs: 400 mcg/day

    9-13 yrs: 600 mcg/day

    Pregnant women can increase her intake with doctor consultation.

    I hope after knowing vitamin A benefits, you will never ignore it for your healthy body.


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