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Simple Life | How And Why You Should Live

    simple life

    Importance Of Simple Life

    Do you want a life that has dissatisfaction, tension, confusion? There will hardly be any person who will say yes to it. Such life is also called artificial life, where humans are engaged in a race with each other. Actually, everybody wants a life where they live with satisfaction & piece. There is no concern about anything, no stress. No trouble. So is there any way of living, in which we can get all this? The answer is yes. If a person lives a simple lifestyle or spends a simple life, then, in reality, he can live with satisfaction.

    In today’s life the dissatisfaction, runaways, jealousy, stress, disease etc. are all due to the lack of this simple life. In our history saints, religious teachers, literature have always taught us to live a simple life, because in this only our benefit is there. There is no end to our desires. These are the root causes of our grief. Because of this today our life has become so confused, busy, anxious and sad. At one time when the man was able to eat properly, he would have been satisfied. But now the time has come, where the person is not satisfied even after getting everything. The person needs more than what he has now.

    How To Live A Simple Life

    Do Not Compare Yourself With Anyone

    simple life

    When a person starts comparing himself with others, then it takes the form of competition. That means we no longer have any meaning in our own happiness. We have to do the same or do better than what the other person is doing. If he/she does this, then we will do better than that. By doing this the person forgets what he really wants. Those kinds of person spend most of their time doing what they do not want. But they have to prove themselves better, in front of others, that is why they work like that. Think, if the other person is doing better than you, will you be able to sit in peace? No. Your peace of mind will go away from this. It will have a direct effect on your body and you will not sleep properly. Every person has his own talent. You should do the thing, which you are happy to do. If you do any work by seeing others, your peace of mind will definitely be destroyed.

    Do Not Desire More Than Necessary

    Simple Life

    There is no limit to desires. And you will never be satisfied because of your own qualities. Maybe you do not sleep properly at night. Unless you are satisfied, your desire will not end. Just think, what will you achieve, after getting anything more than necessary? Will this give you satisfaction? not at all. Because you will have a desire to get more. It is better that you fulfill your needs and be satisfied. You will not have the desire to get more when you are satisfied. Be happy with small things.

    Do Not Show Off

    simple life

    Today’s person spends money like anything to show his lifestyle to others. Many people adopt the wrong way to earn more money. They do not even realize that their wrong ways can ruin how many lives. People apply different tactics to show one another down. A lot of people think that, if we show ourselves better than others, our respect will increase. But they do not know that sometimes it also has the opposite effect. Love turns to jealousy and friend can become enemy. Always remember one thing that any person will respect you only if you respect him. If you show off, people will not say anything in front of you, but they will start feeling envious. The result may be worse later. Because time does not remain the same for everyone. If you have a lot of money today, tomorrow you may not have it.

    Our ancestors were happier than us because their life was simple, their needs were low. There was no show in his life. They always remained satisfied. Perhaps that is why they used to be more healthy because ideas and lifestyle are directly related to health. The simple person is naturally more healthy. That is why simple life is the best lifestyle. This keeps you away from trouble and gives you peace of mind. That’s why your body will also be healthy. Be simple, Live Simple.


    All The Best.


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