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Nutritional Benefits Of Banana An Instant Energy Booster


    What is Banana

    Bananas are one the most widely consumed super fruit in the world due to their enormous health benefits. Do you know that the banana tree can only give birth to banana fruit once? The banana fruits receive everything from the banana tree and after that plant doesn’t reproduce anymore. The banana is filled with all the essential nutrients which can make your body quick recharge. Banana leaf plays a very important role in tropical and subtropical areas, for cooking, wrapping and food serving plate. Although there are the different type of banana across the world, in general, 3 types of banana consumed.

    Green Banana



    Photo Credit: Arminas Raudys


    These are raw form banana which can be consumed in different forms like curry,deep fry, boiled, steamed, banana pancake..etc.

    Red Banana


    Photo Credit: ANN

    It is thick and short in structure & consumed in ripe form.

    Yellow Banana


    Photo Credit: Juan Salamanca

    It comes in long and short form & consumed in ripe form.

    Health Benefits of Banana

    Helps in Diabetics


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    With a low to the medium glycemic index, the banana is not just safe but even recommended by the American diabetics association for its multiple health benefits. Especially raw banana is low in sugar amount and glycemic ensures that n sudden increase in sugar levels.

    Helps in Blood Pressure

    blood pressure

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    Banana contains the good amount of potassium which plays an important role in kidney functionality. It should be noted that you should always exercise your body Salt and blood pressure are directly proportional to each other. It has high Potassium content & low salt content which maintains the blood pressure level of the body. All these can be benefitted if you add exercise to your daily routine.

    Good Source Of  Fiber
    Fiber plays an important role in your digestive system & these bananas are one of the good sources of fiber. They are rich in fiber and pectin. It allows for a good build-up of healthy bacteria which in turn reduces your chances of looking or feeling bloated.

    Good For Weight Loss

    weight loss

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    Since it contains a good amount of fiber which plays a very important role in weight loss.Low-fat content which carries some plant sterol that just helps fat-burning and also prevents troubling of arteries and reduces cholesterol.High in vitamin B6, minerals, and fiber which will fill you with enthusiasm for workouts. 

    Helps In Making Your Bone Stronger

    stronger bone

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    Banana contains some essential nutrients in a good amount which is responsible for making your bone healthier. These nutrients are vitamin B, C, K, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
    Below is the composition for some of the major banana nutrition:

    Potassium – 09%
    Vitamin B6 – 33%
    Vitamin C – 11%
    manganese – 14%

    Banana Calories

    Small banana(>80gm &< 100gm) – 70 to 90 calories

    Medium banana(>100gm & < 120gm) – 90 to 105 calories.

    Large banana(>120gm) – 120 calorie or more.


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    Helps In Improving Your Skin Condition

    glowing skin

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    Potassium plays a major role for skin hydration & is considered to be as one of the good exfoliators which helps in clearing excess sebum from your skin. vitamin c can be helpful for skin complexion.

    Instant Energy Booster

    energy booster

    Photo Credit: Isabella Mendes

    You might have observed that tennis player during their break preferring to eat a bite of banana. It will re-energize them to play further set. Since banana contains amino acids, natural sugar & other essential minerals which can boost your energy level. These essential nutrients of banana will help you a lot during the workout by repairing your muscle.

    Strengthen Immune System

    immune system

    Photo Credit: CNBP

    It can improve the immune system of those peoples who are below optimum. It can maintain your immune system at optimum label by which your body can fight with different germs. Do you know that your immune system needs a good amount of protein, minerals& vitamins for its proper functioning? Vitamin B & C present in the banana can help in protecting & stimulating white blood cell from the chemicals they release to destroy pathogens. These cells are responsible for regulating your immune system by destroying foreign germs like bacteria.



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