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Best Short Stories For Kids-The Prince And The Seedling

    Stories for kids

    BEST SHORT STORIES FOR KIDS The Prince And The Seedling

    Stories for kids

    Welcome to Stories for kids: A certain king was worried about his son.

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    He is so willful and unruly. The ministers fear him, the people fear him… even I fear him! What am I to do?

    Then one day he approached a great sage. Only you can reform my son, holy sir.

    Send him to me.

    When the prince came, the sag took him to a corner of the garden and showed him a neem seedling.

    Pluck one of those leaves and taste it.

    The prince plucked a leaf. But the moment he put it into his mouth… light! What a bitter taste! If the young plant can be so bitter, I can’t imagine what the full-grown tree will be like. I won’t let it grow!

    He plucked out the seedling……and tore it to pieces.

    So too will the people destroy you, son? For… if you as a mere can be so fierce, what will you be like when you are a king?

    You have opened my eyes, holy sir. I will mend my ways.

    The prince kept his promise and he became gentle and kind. And years late when his father died, the people had no hesitation in making him king.


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