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Why Almond Is Considered Best Nut For Your Health


    Why Your Body Require Almond Nutrition:
    Almonds are seeds which are considered the best nut. This is due to the many essential nutrients like protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins found in it . This is very important for making the human body healthy. Due to the presence of so many nutrients, it is very effective for many diseases of the body. Like blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation, heart & brain disorder, impotence, hair, skin… Etc. Because of  its medicinal properties, most people add it to their daily food.

    The scientific name of almond is “Prunus dulcis”. They are mostly cultivated in India, Middle east & North America. Its taste can be sweet or bitter. Sweet almond is used to eat which consumed directly. You can also consume it in the empty stomach for better results so that its nutrients are well absorbed in your body. Almonds with bitter taste used to make mostly almond oil.

    Almond Benefits For Health

    Regulate Cholesterol level:

    Its daily intake increases the amount of HDL that is called good cholesterol. If the HDL increases, then the LDL which is called bad cholesterol will decrease.If you wish to reduce your body’s cholesterol then you will have to increase the volume of HDL in your body. For this almond is a very good choice. In this way, you can maintain your cholesterol level.

    Boosts Immune system & Controls Heart Disease:

    Almond contains high volume of vitamin E, due to which it acts as an antioxidant. This is a good source of alkali materials. That’s why it makes your body’s immune system stronger. Immune system protects your body from external germs, which is why your body remains healthy. Apart from this, it keeps your heart healthy. Because research has found that if the amount of Vitamin E is good in the body, then heart-related disease will be very low. It is also very effective for cancer-like illness.

    Improve Blood Circulation & Controls Blood Sugar:


    The amount of potassium in it is high, and the amount of sodium is low. Because of this, your body’s blood circulation will be smooth. When the body’s blood circulation is smooth, the vitamins that we take within the food & also oxygen, will reach the whole part of the body. By which the ability of our body to work increases.
    After eating, it has the ability to prevent sudden rise of glucose and insulin in your body. It is found in such research. It is especially effective for those people who have diabetes and have consumed a lot of sugar in their diet.

    Weight Loss:


    Nutrients-rich almonds prove to be very helpful in weight loss. You eat some almonds & you will not feel like eating too much food due to presence of mono-unsaturated fat in it. Also, due to the presence of zinc and vitamin B, you will reduce the intake of sugar. According to research, people who regularly eat almonds have found significant improvement in their weight.

    Prevent Constipation:
    fiber present inside it will help your body from toxins. It will improve your digestive system and bowel movement. Take 4-5 almonds daily to prevent constipation. & Drink lots of water.
    It is advisable that people having kidney or gallbladder problem can avoid eating almond due to presence of oxalates.

    Boosts Your Brain:


    Almond is said to be a very good diet for the brain. Vitamin E increases the alertness of the brain and can make your memory sharper. There is also a good amount of zinc in it which prevents brain cells from harmful attacks. Vitamin B6 is helpful in repairing brain cells.

    Improve Bone:

    There are lots of vitamins and minerals present in Almond. Especially Phosphorous is very effective in strengthening bones for a long time. It is very helpful for Diseases such as osteoporosis. It has been said from research that eating almond will affect your bones by improving its durability.That’s why almond oil are used for baby massage to improve their bone.

    Good For Skin:

    Almond oil is considered as one of the best moisturizers. It contains oilyine glacieride acid. Which eliminates the blackheads as well as relieves the skin from dryness. It also contains the vitamin E, which is considered necessary for healthy skin. Some soaps also add almond milk in their product for improving the complexion of the screen.

    How Much Almond Should I Eat A Day:
    Dietary guidelines suggest that 1 ounce which is equal to 23 almonds is recommended as ideal amount. One ounce of almonds contains 75 mg of calcium, 3.5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein.

    Below is List of 1 almonds Nutrition

    almond nutrition


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