Why Protein Is An Essential Nutrient & Building Block For Your Body

What Is Protein

Proteins are macro nutrient which consists of multiple chains of amino acids, helps in building muscles mass. Therefore all age groups need protein. Your body’s functionality depends on the amount of protein present in your body. Most of the organs of your body are made up of proteins because it is very important for cells and tissues. Proteins are building block for our body and life.


Benefits of Protein

Helps in the development of Muscle

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When you consider the nutritional side, proteins contain high levels of amino acids. This amino acid needs by body to make your muscle lean. Also If you are doing gym, than it is usual seeing the benefits and demands of protein for the body. Proteins are very important for rebuilding and regaining those muscle of the body which goes through the intense workout.


Helps In Your Body Growth And Development

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Proteins are also employed in membranes, such as glycoproteins. Once break into amino acids, they play a significant role for bones, muscle, cartilage, blood, hormones and for your immune system which is crucial for the living.

It is also advised that protein is beneficial for lean & weak people to develop their body growth. Almost every cell of the body needs protein. Therefore With the help of proteins

– a body can construct and repair tissues.

-create enzymes, hormones for proper functionality of the body.


Promotes Hair Growth & Quality

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Hair is composed of protein itself called keratin. Therefore it plays a very important role in hair development.Proteins are sources of biotin which is beneficial for hair. Healthy hair should consist of at least 15-20% proteins. If you take a diet which doesn’t contain sufficient protein, then it’s long-term effect will lead to hair loss & decrease in hair quality.



Strengthens Your Immune System

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Protein plays a very crucial role to strengthen your immune system. It protects your body from virus, bacteria and different germs because antibodies which circulate in your blood are made up of proteins. These antibodies make your immune system stronger by defending it from foreign organisms.


Helps in Weight loss

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Protein helps in your weight loss by boosting metabolism & regulating weight hormone label. A high protein meal will satisfy your hunger label by reducing it & restrict you to eat excess calorie. It helps in reducing your body calorie without affecting muscle.



What Happens When You Take Excess Protein

No doubt protein acts as a building block of the body but an excess of anything is not good. Therefore If you consume more protein than the body needs

-it will convert most of those calories to sugar and then fat.

-when you eat too much protein, it can affect your kidney.

-Cholesterol label may rise

-You may suffer from dehydration


Sources of Proteins

Protein-rich foods can be consumed at any meals time. Also It is advisable that you should add more protein to your breakfast, to remain active and energetic for the entire day.

Proteins can be found in veg,non-veg, & supplements sources.

generally, non-veg source contains the high amount of protein then veg sources. But veg sources also contain the good amount which can fulfill your protein requirements.

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An egg is considered as one of the best sources of protein. It is advised that you should avoid egg yolk, and eat egg white which contains quality protein and can be easily absorbed by the body.

Meat like Chicken, pork..etc.

Fish(like Salmon, Tuna) and shrimp.


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dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt.

legumes like beans, lentils, sprout.

Soy products like Tofu, tempeh, and edamame.


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comes in different forms specially as a powder for different brands. Certainly, if you didn’t get enough protein as per the requirement of your body, then you need to take additional supplements to fulfill.








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